Business Support Services


Professional Training
The process is only as good as the people behind it, and the people are only as good as the expertise they possess.

Our training is specifically targeted at getting people to effectively carry out business process, within the domains of Finance, Accounting and Tax.

We also train users of different accounting and ERP systems to effectively employ the technology to aid business.

Valuations and Due Diligence
This involves asking a set of questions in order to determine the viability of a business venture of differing natures: expansion, contraction, merger and de-merger and joint ventures among few.

As valuations and due diligence often go hand-in-hand, we adopt a scientific method to determine the value and viability of business ventures, with the transparency and trust required of our clients.
Company Services

Company Formations and Liquidations

Company Formation
Organisational structure depends on the nature of business and the scope of activities it wishes to undertake. Speak to us about your business and we will advise you based on historical experience and current market situation on what kind of Organisational Structure is best suited to your business: mainland, free-zone or offshore.

Company Liquidation
Once your organisation has reached the end of its business life cycle, it is important to exit the market properly. Get in touch with us to understand the right procedure for your organisation and ensure that there are no surprises.

Our Company Formation and Liquidation Associates possess the necessary experience and expertise to provide a smooth, timely and complete service.