About us

FACT Consultants LLC is a UAE based professional services and consulting firm with expertise in areas of Finance, Accounting, Consulting & Tax. FACT was founded on experience, personalised service and client satisfaction.

Our firm was set up with the aim to provide Small and Medium Enterprises access to a high level of professional service and expertise, usually available only to much larger entities.

Clients of FACT have access to our resource bank of knowledge, experience and expertise thereby enabling them to run their organisations using intelligent decision making.

Our focus on technology

We leverage technology to ensure our operations remain lean and enable us to act quickly and efficiently to our Clients' requests.

Progress to paperless

We regularly roll out changes in the way we operate to increase the number of our work processes that are paperless.

We learn to get better

Client feedback often becomes projects for us to incorporate as improvements into our workflows and benefit all Clients.

Why us?

When we are approached by a Prospective Client, we initiate a dialogue where we understand their needs and respond by honestly communicating what we can and cannot do. Reach out for a quick meeting - we'd love to find a solution to your problem. And the coffee is on us!


We are always on the lookout for updates our Clients and website visitors may find relevant and useful.

Our team

We are a team of professionals with two goals that drive us daily: learning about problems and learning to solve them.


We look at our services as a way for business owners to unlock more time and focus for their business success. 


Here are some of the reputed Partners we work with: